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Omegon Microscope BinoView, achromate, 1000x, LED

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  • Suitable for school, college and work
  • Observe them with both eyes: Binokularer einblick
  • 2 eyepieces with a large field of view
  • Focus with adjustment knob and millimetre scale
  • XY stage with Vernier Scale and adjustment knob in 2 axes

Omegon BinoView – the biological microscope for school, study and work

When looking for a capable microscope, one expects good optics plus precision mechanics. Both are here combined in one instrument with the Omegon BinoView. This makes it the first choice for serious use in schools, higher education and even for commercial applications. But it is also of interest for amateur researchers and amateur microscopists. This microscope is used in many educational institutions. Experience and research always begins on a small scale … and then grows.

Mechanical stage with Vernier scale and fine adjustment on 2 axes

The large stage, approximately 130x130mm, holds your slides squarely and securely in place via a spring clip. The fine position adjustment knobs and Vernier scale allow you to position objects as required, and you can make adjustments while simultaneously looking through the microscope. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the ‘landscape’ of a muscle fibre or the fine detail of a mosquito wing.

Magnification from 40X to 1000X

The Omegon Binoview microscope comes equipped with a huge range of possible magnifications – between 40X and 1000X. Use the objective lens turret for rapidly changing up to the next higher magnification. Three of the four objective lenses are spring-loaded to help prevent damage if you should inadvertently touch the specimen slide with them.

The Binoview has an oil-immersion lens for 1000X magnification. Using the oil supplied provides bright, high-contrast observing.

Binocular eyepiece 360° rotatable

For a completely relaxed observing you need to be able to use both eyes. This will always let you enjoy your observing for

Title: Omegon Microscope BinoView, achromate, 1000x, LED

Brand: Omegon

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